Healing the Gut workshop with Melinda Blundell


Cafe Patina is very excited to be bringing you Melinda Blundell and her “Healing the gut workshop”.

This is happening on Tuesday evening 4th June at Cafe Patina from 6pm to 9pm.



Healing the Gut
Jun 4, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Healing the gut: A practical introduction to broth and fermentation
Come and have fun at this interactive workshop and connect with like minded people.
Understand the importance of gut health for your immune system, moods and overall health and how you can assist the healing process.
Taste various fermented foods and drinks so you know what you and your family will like.
Learn how to choose quality versions if you are buying it and how to source quality ingredients to make your own.
Save money and learn how to make your own gut healing and probiotic foods and refreshing drinks at home without any fancy equipment.
Includes your own Kombucha SCOBY and starter liquid so you can start brewing straight away! (Please bring own jar with a lid to take it home in)
Includes helpful printed information, recipes and tips so you walk out confident to start!
Learn how to make simple and easy versions of:
Bone broth
Kombucha (fermented tea drink)
Coconut yogurt*
Coconut Water Kefir*
*Using high potency Kultured Wellness culture starters. Kultured Wellness Yoghurt and Kefir Starters will be available to purchase and take home with you from the workshop.3 hour interactive workshop
This is such a fun workshop!


🍽 Pre-workshop meal options from Café Patina🍽

Coming straight from work, want to make a night of it with friends?

Thkitchenen will be open for pre-ordered meals only, which will be served from 5:30pm before the workshop starts.


🔸 Crisp Fried Goats Cheese Filled Zucchini Flowers, pesto, lemon (GF) $22

🔸 House Smoked Slow Cooked Beef Brisket, potato kimchi bake, special sauce, chargrilled broccolini, toasted seeds (GF) $19.5

🔸 Salt and Pepper Squid, garlic, coriander, lime and chilli jam (GF) $20

🔸 Thai Chicken Curry, cucumber relish, coriander, jasmine rice (GF) $28

TO ORDER MEAL: Purchase a ticket for the meal option you want. Please aim to arrive around 5:30pm if you are having a meal.

Cold drinks may be purchased directly from the cafe on the night.