Are you Celiac or gluten intolerant?



Are you celiac or gluten intolerant and struggle to eat in restaurants?

We can help make your dining experience a pleasure rather than stressful.


My husband Stewart wanted to open a restaurant and as my expertise is in Hotel Management, he wanted me to join him.

A few years ago, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease.  Through a lot of research and self-discovery I worked out that its best for me to have a completely gluten free diet.

That’s why Café Patina is gluten free!

We are very aware of cross contamination and understand that even a crumb can cause some people pain.


How to navigate our menu:

Breakfast and lunch

If you avoid the sourdough bread and milk bun then everything is gluten free.

For instance, the Turkish baked eggs have a side of sourdough. Either swap the sourdough with our buckwheat and pumpkin seed gf bread or just remove. The dish itself is gluten free.


Avoid the sourdough and the Snapper pie.

Otherwise everything is gluten free.


Have you been craving chips or salt and pepper squid?

At Café Patina you can have anything from the deep fryer as nothing goes into the fryer that’s not gluten free.

On another note about our fryer – we don’t use canola oil – just good old fashion lard!